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I am a Florist! That's it. The end. 

I never know what to write in this section so I'm going to bore you with some facts instead.

I spend a large part of my time being a Mum and Wife. I dedicate my time to my family & friends, University, floristry and the pub!

I love a bit of gardening - I have an allotment which was a real mess when I inherited it but now it is an absolute pleasure. It is very easy for me to get lost in time when I am there and more often than not I realise 5 hours has passed when I said on my way out of the door that I wouldn't be long! Whoops!

Nothing is too much trouble - just ask,



WEDDING (3).jpg

The Small Details

It's important I get these details right. 

There's a lot of planning goes into a wedding or event and you may not see my fingers going a thousand miles an hour behind the scenes but they are. They definitely are! So it's important to choose an event florist that has that experience.

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